Summer O.F.F. 2013

Looking for something to do this summer?  Want to reach the children of Providence with the Good News of Jesus Christ?

On a hot July day, in 2009, a handful of folks set up a folding table in Dexter Park. They painted faces, did crafts, played a little soccer and shared the gospel with kids who came for the free city lunches.  There were maybe eight or ten kids that first day.  So they went back again the next day and the kids brought their friends, played more soccer and had some juice packs.  By the end of the week there were about 50 kids who came to play and listen to them share about Jesus.


There wasn’t much planning that first summer.  But the kids were so responsive that the following year, the folks from the Philip Center teamed up with Faith and Hope Baptist Church and did it all again.  This time, while they played and ate snacks and talked about Jesus, they also invited them to VBS taking place at Faith and Hope Baptist Church the following week.  And that also seemed to work!  So they’ve been back each summer since.

Now it’s time for Summer OFF 2013 and another opportunity to reach out to the kids in the city parks.  If God is leading you to do that, we’d love your partnership, and we’d like to help you get ready.

Summer OFF (“OFF” stand for “outreach,” friends,” and “faith”) is designed to help teens get equipped for outreach, and then do it.  And it’s designed to bring games and the gospel to the kids of Providence during the summer months. And our long-term prayer is that God would use this outreach to be a catalyst for new churches being planted in the neighborhoods we serve in.

So how can you get involved?  Click Here for more information on Summer OFF 2013.



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